Applying a sustainable model for behaviour prevention during and post COVID-19 crisis

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Rabia Azzemou
Myriam Noureddine


Faced with a health pandemic, companies producing goods and/or services must continue their activities to ensure sustainability. They must organize accordingly by putting in place an organization, and working means and hygiene in the company remains the most effective means of preventing risks. In this context, this article proposes the implementation of a behaviour hygiene and prevention model during the COVID-19 and post-COVID-19 periods. Indeed, preserving human potential in the workplace is a fundamental performance lever to boost the economy, and the company must take appropriate preventive measures. The adopted approach is based on the 5S method, in which the main objective is continuous improvement of the company’s activities, thus offering an adequate solution to reduce risks in terms of health and safety. Besides the economic aspect, the proposed sustainable model is also part of the pedagogical perspective for educating the population over time.


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