Investigation of health and safety measures in construction sites in Lebanon and Northern Cyprus (Article)

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Amin Nowfal
Beste Cubukcuoglu


Lebanon and Northern Cyprus are two developing regions where both have been witnessing an increase in population size and medium-rise buildings. Therefore, workers and construction sites increase, which makes workers more vulnerable to various fatal/non-fatal accidents. The effective and efficient management of health and safety is crucial for all projects undertaken under significant risk levels. This study investigates the Occupational Health and Safety regulations and how both countries deal with them to achieve maximum knowledge regarding construction health and safety. The data collected based on personal observations by site visits and conducting brief face-to-face informal interviews.  Both oral interviews and observations are informal data collection methods but are suitable for certain kinds of data collection methods or techniques. The most common type of accident is falling from heights, electrical shocks that occur in construction sites of both countries. The findings of this research work proved that accidents could be prevented and even eliminated if all the required safety precautions are implemented. The root causes of the accidents need to be identified, and effective prevention measures should be taken to minimize the frequency and intensity of the accidents. This will surely improve the safety performance of the personnel on construction sites.


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