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IJOOES seeks to engage the global scientific community including academic researchers, safety professionals and practitioners, engineers, health professionals, psychologists, social scientists, government agencies, policy makers and corporate decision makers.

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Special Issue for (Systematic Review) Protocols - June 2019

Special Issue for Construction and Extractive Industry - November 2019

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Vol 3 No 2 (2019): Special Issue for Protocols

Editor: J. C. Guedes, Associated Laboratory for Energy, Transports and Aeronautics (PROA/LAETA), Faculty of Engineering, University of Porto, PT

Published: 2019-06-30

Squat and patellofemoral pain syndrome: protocol for a systematic review

Pablo Monteiro Pereira, J. Duarte, J. Ferraz, J. Torres Costa, Filipe Conceição


Biological hazards that can affect the health of the workers that handle hospital waste

: a systematic review protocol

Trajano Felipe Barrabas Xavier da Silva, Humberto Costa, Marcelo Ribeiro, Joana Guedes


Impact of BIM-based augmented reality interfaces on construction projects: protocol for a systematic review

Adeeb Sidani, Fábio Dinis, Luís Sanhudo, J. Duarte, Diego Calvetti, João Poças Martins, Alfredo Soeiro


Driving simulator for evaluating the effects of road geometric design on driver behavior

protocol of a systematic review

Mariane Paula Bobermin, Melissa Mariana Silva, Sara Ferreira, J. C. C. Guedes, J. Santos Baptista


The use of new technologies in safety and health protection of waste pickers

A systematic review protocol.

Trajano Felipe Barrabas Xavier da Silva, Humberto Costa, Marcelo Ribeiro, Sara Rodrigues


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